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Issue II

Welcome to the second edition of Tales from the Still-Beating Heart. Halloween is here again and with it are the tales of fright and woe. If what is out in the real world is not enough to frighten you, then read on. For in this compendium of tales you will find brain eating aliens, decomposing corpses, demonic possessions, insanity, death, murder, mayhem and outright genocide. So read on, if you dare...


That Which Frightens Me by James Cundiff

Harry and the Missing Corpse by Steve Margo

Fire of Nandes by David Kraybill

Hermy's Run II: The Awakening by Brad Beard

Nightmare? by Bill Bruck

The Angel of Death by Floyd R. Sloat

One Cold Night by Brad Beard

Untitled by Paul Kasa

Out There by Myron Wszelaki

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