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The Haunted House Issue - VI


Drone Labs: Dr. Mongo
by Myron Wszelaki & Jennifer Cundiff

Halloween Night
by John Cundiff

Wise Women
by Brad Beard

The Evacuation
by Valerie Margo

The Realtor
by Dave Kraybill

Hazy Glen
by Brad Beard & Jennifer Cundiff

Issue VI is the Haunted House issue...

It has been another year and Halloween is upon us again. Searching far and wide, Beard/KraybIll Studios has again found a willing group of authors to fill the pages of "Tales From The Still-Beating Heart." And as you can see from this year's entries, the heart is indeed still beating. So take these pages in your clammy hands and browse, for inside you will find many a horrific tale for Halloween chills. In Drone Labs; Dr. Mongo, intrigue is brewing as the custodian stumbles upon a mysterious being who is trailing yet another mystery of its own. In Halloween Night, the rules of Halloween are laid out well, with one rule we may have forgotten. Wise Women brings us a poem pulled from the pages of history as the true nature of witch burning is revealed. The Evacuation tells a chilling tale of a people -who have run out of time. With The Realtor, spookings are on the rise in a house that just won't sell. And finally, Hazy Glen brings us a spine tingling tale of a haunted southern mansion where the war is not let over. So read and enjoy these Halloween tales, we hope that they give you a good set of thrills.

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