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Issue I Hermy's Run
by Brad Beard
Issue II Hermy's Run II: The Awakening
by Brad Beard
Issue III

by Brad Beard

Come Closer
by Steve Margo

Issue IV

Biff The Cheerleader Slayer
by Dave Lambert

Living With Grandmother
by Sam Russell

The Seven Deadly Sins Issue

by Dave Lambert

by Mary Kraybill

by Valerie Margo

The Haunted House Issue The Realtor
by Dave Kraybill
The Satan Issue

The Island of Dirty Old Men
by John Jacob Engelheimer-Schmit

The Alien Invasion Issue Echoes of Apocalypse
by Brad Beard
The Mad Scientist Issue

Oh Doctor
by Chris Delton

Mythos Nocturnal Mythos Nocturnal
A serial by Brad Beard

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