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About Beard-Kraybill Studios

"A fine establishment since 1993"

Beard-Kraybill Studios was established in 1993 when Brad Beard and Dave Kraybill teamed up to produce, direct and star in the Christmas Special, "The Meaning of Christmas." Brad was already a veteran having done two Christmas Movies the past two years, but this was the first with a plot. After our successful team-up on the San Diego Artist Group publication, "Tales From the Still-Beating Heart," Brad and Dave teamed-up for the 1993 Christmas Special. Brad wrote the screenplay with lots of room for improvisation amply provided by our acting staff. This was a low budget film produced with mostly borrowed audio and video equipment, but it was a hit.

The highlight of our film career was the 1995 Christmas Special, a mystery film, Who REALLY stole Christmas? Thiswas the first film where we used original music written and performed by members of the Baker Street Band and others. Stereo recording was a first on this film also. Ain't technology great?

The 1996 film was basically a documentary type film describing our previous endeavors with a host of new short bits added in. On Brad's Christmas vacation that year his camera had a falling in with the force of gravity and lost. Also that year the San Diego Artist Group stopped meeting, so Beard-Kraybill Studios put their name on the magazine. As you'll see reading through the issues, the core authors from that early period are still around year after year.

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