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January 28, 2002

Hear ye, hear ye! Announcing a new Zine, Tales From a Distant Star, coming in April 2002. A companion to Tales From the Still-Beating Heart, Tales From a Distant Star is a fantasy and science fiction zine. Until I set up a separate site, you can submit stories and art for the April issue via the Submit page on this site.

Mythos Nocturnal Hot new feature here. Introducing Mythos Nocturnal, a serial by Brad Beard. If you bought the Issue IX CD you've seen the first episode in the bonus stories. Now click over for episode 2 and more.

You'll find links to our evergrowing list of webrings at the bottom of our main page and on our Webrings page.

So far we've got three installments on the Continuing Story, Dream Lab, and we're looking for more. But wait, there's a new interactive story that puts your chapter on the web as soon as you click the submit button and you set the direction of the next installment.

Beard-Kraybill Studios invites you to see what's in store for you in the Mad Scientist Issue IX. Details on the Issue IX page. And we're proud to have the artwork of Duncan Long on our cover again this year. The first printing is just about sold out, but we've still got some CDs left. We're going to make it easy and set up a PayPal account here shortly. We've still got some of Issue VIII left and it will be released on CD also.

Mr. Beard exposes his soft underbelly in his page, Beard's Corner!

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