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Issue IV

Welcome, once again to "Tales from the Still-Beating Heart", the fourth edition. It's Halloween time again, with gruesome, scary, and hilariously frightful tales to set the mood for this macabre evening. 'We've put together a collection of tales from our coven of authors to celebrate this glorious event.

Some of our authors are writing again and others are new to this publication. We have tales to fit every taste: an oppressive relative, killer comedian, stunted author, group thinkingness, a mutating pig, stranded captives, nightmarish visitation, a creative killer, invading insects, poems of gory food and, of course the inevitable pumpkins.



Toes by Mary Kraybill

One For All by Brad Beard

In Stitches by Bill Hart

A Trifle Cloudy, Don't You Think? by Dave Kraybill

Mrs. Tyler by Brad Beard

Pumpkin Patch by Julian Margo

Witch's Kitchen by Tiffany Margo

Home Away From Home by Brad Beard

Biff The Cheerleader Slayer by Dave Lambert

Living With Grandmother by Sam Russell

Author's Nightmare by Brad Beard

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