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Cover - Playing Doctor
   by Duncan Long

Death's Foothold
   by Libel Rathe

My Fair Leather-Hide
   by John Jacob Jingle-Heimer Schmit

The Kite
   by Donna Beard

Someone Had To Do It
   by Owen Beard

The Hunter
   by Al J. Vermette

The Noise
   by Aleisha Russell

   by Mary Kraybill

A Real Boy
   by Dave Kraybill

Special Education
   by Amanda Contreras

Twisted Cistern
   by Eliot Kimball

Universal Error
   by Brad Beard

Oh Doctor
   by Chris Delton

Nine Lives
   by Mike Rodenbaugh

The Mad Scientists
   by Tiffany Margo

A Dark and Stormy Night
   by Brad Beard

Captain Zog and the Mysteries of the Universe
   by Steve Margo

Issue IX is The Mad Scientist Issue...

You hold in your hands the ninth edition of Tales From the Still-Beating Heart. If you are looking for the thrills of some spine tingling horror you have come to the right place. Sixteen tales of terror await you, each with its own special twist. They are all chilling stories of the Halloween season but this year is made special as we take an all too bold step into the laboratory of the Mad Scientist. The theme was a hit and nearly all of our penmen went for the challenge of the lunatic genius. Even more is in store however, and here's how its starts.

The thrills begin as Libel Rathe returns with a swashbuckling tale of death on the high seas in Death's Foothold. Following right behind is another returning author we all know and love, John Jacob Jingle-Heimer Schmit with the long awaited sequel, My Fair Leather-Hide. A new talent is found as Donna Beard throws in her ante with a chilling tale called The Kite. Just behind comes another of the clan, Owen Beard with his poke at the crazed scientist, titled Someone Had To Do It.

From the East Coast we get yet another new wordsmith, Al J. Vermette, describing the much too wily creatures of the night in The Hunter. Coming in next is our returning word crafter, Aleisha Russell, imparting to us the nature of madness in The Noise. Revisiting from editions of our distant past, Mary Kraybill signs in with a quickie but goodie, entitled Wanted. Another Studios favorite comes along just after as Dave Kraybill let's us know what it's really like to raise A Real Boy.

Amanda Corntreras may have a new name but we know who she is as she rings in with the A+ scholastic horror called Special Education. Then our favorite word wrenching poet returns as Eliot Kimball delivers to our door a sly tale of terror dubbed Twisted Cistern. Coming along next is the well known haunt of the Studios, Brad Beard, as he takes this stellar tale of terror across new distances in Universal Error. Then Chris Delton puts us in the horror seat in his latest spine tingler called simply, Oh Doctor.

Returning from afar, Studios movie star and writer Mike Rodenbaugh gives us a really good one with the hair raising tale, Nine Lives. Coming right after is another well known Studios pen smith, Tiffany Margo, letting us know what mad scientists are really like behind closed doors in The Mad Scientists. Following in her footsteps comes Brad Beard once again, spinning a tale of a not so cozy couple in A Dark and Stormy Night. Bringing up the rear with this years last call is veteran Steve Margo, giving us another tale of suspense spun with wit in Captain Zog and the Mysteries of the Universe.

Beyond this page it all begins, so do read on. This year's tales are better than before as our veteran clan gives us all the chills you'll need this year. Crazed scientists and other creatures of dark ilk await. We say read on... if you dare.

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