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Oh Doctor

by Chris Delton

You won't feel a thing
He said with a crocodile smile
As he took his scalpel and studied it
Making the reflected light flash across his victim's eyes

I lay there not moving as I looked at the blade
I knew he was lying
I tried my legs, I tried my arms but again I could not move
I pushed at my eyelids but they too felt like lead

You're trying to escape me, aren't you
He said as he took a wax pen and drew marks on the skin
I'll cut you first here, and then next I'll cut there
There will be no need to scream, I'll see it in your eyes

My heart alone responded to my thoughts
Beating much faster as the blade hovered over me
And then to my horror it came at my skin
I could feel my flesh parting and falling aside

You are a good subject
He said as he grinned, looking down into carnage
You have done your job well and soon we'll be done
Just let me remove this and your body will be yours again

I looked on in horror as his hands dipped inside me
They took hold oh so firmly and pulled with great force
Up from my body he pulled a large mass
I looked at a blood covered mass, and saw eyes looking back

You've done it my good subject
You've created a monster
It will have some of you in its looks
Now lay there and I will be back to close you up quite soon

I lay looking upward feeling blood pool around me
Would my body survive this brutal attack
I felt my mind fading as somewhere a hideous infant cried
Then I saw him coming toward me with test tube in hand

You've waited long enough my good subject there
You'll be on your feet soon, you have my word
But before you do that, there's just one more item
Would you mind if I added one extra new thing ?

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